This book would not have been possible without the people listed here. I’m beyond grateful for each and every one of them.
For my wife, who has done more than I can write here. Be it on nights, weekends, or any other time I could find a moment’s solace to write, she stepped in and made it possible for our lives to continue during this endeavor. Did I mention that she gave birth to our first child while I was halfway through writing this book? Even then, she was committed to helping me see this through during the chaotic year to follow in our lives. I am fortunate to have her by my side.
For my daughter, who is still an infant at the time of writing this. Her smile alone makes me want to become the best version of myself. Her multi-hour naps are a blessing I will never take for granted (not to mention a blessing that allowed me to get through the last couple of editing revisions).
For Keith, as a colleague, mentor, and all-around generous human being. His dedication to excellence in software continues to inspire me years after working together. Anytime I talked about someone who has a positive force on an entire team in this book, I thought of him.
For Dan, who’s humored my many side projects over the years and is always keen to lend thoughtful insights. He was one of the first people to read this book in its most raw form and provided the encouragement and feedback that helped shape it in many crucial ways.
For Adam, who literally makes me rethink my definition of a friend in that he goes above and beyond with any favor I’ve ever asked of him. Within this book, I can only describe him as having the “Midas touch” of advice. His ability to take a rough idea and bring out the best in it is unrivaled.
For Josiah, whose support both professionally and personally means the world. His compassion during some of the most difficult times of my life is an act of kindness I will forever be thankful for. I’ll be lucky if I ever have another manager like him in my career.
For Sarafina, who helped turn this book from a side project into a professional endeavor. I am in awe of her natural selflessness and eagerness to help me overcome many of the biggest roadblocks I encountered along the way.
For my editor, Jessica, whose guidance has far exceeded what I could have hoped for. She has a knack for drawing out the words I want to say rather than what exists on the paper in front of her. Her patience and empathy have made her a pleasure to work with during this entire process.
For my designer, Jason, who always helped keep my end goal in sight. I especially appreciate his attentive feedback while working on the cover design.
For my proofreader, Laura, who found issues that I didn't even know I had. Having her help added an extra layer of polish that I had aspired to since embarking on this project.
For my publishing consultant, Christian, who may just be the most responsive person I've ever worked with. He was always on top of my many (many) questions, and would troubleshoot unexpected issues at a moment's notice. The timeline for this book could have easily looked much different if not for his heroic efforts.
For Rose, whose guidance cannot be understated. Without her, I would have certainly been lost trying to navigate the world of self-publishing. Her expertise is what made this book a reality.
For Anna, who truly changed how I think about branding and messaging. Her impact on this book's success is extraordinary - which is even more impressive considering that we met after the final draft had been wrapped up.
And last but not least, for my parents and sister, who sacrificed so much to put family first and who have always believed in me. I will never forget when my father read my first published article and, showing his unwavering support, said, “I have no idea what any of that meant, but I read the whole thing!”